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Today Allesbeste Padstal sells high quality Fresh Fruit to consumers as well as business customers. Although Avocados and Bananas are the main product lines of the business, it is now a shop for everyone with unique offerings from our local producers, and from across South Africa and some even imported from International locations.

Farmers market and delicacies

The Padstal

Allesbeste Padstal was established in the late 1980's and the initial purpose of the "padstal" was only to sell produce from the farm to local people and tourists.

Since then Allesbeste Padstal has been rebuilt in the mid 1990's and was extended again shortly after to incorporate the second section of the building. Thereafter in the early 2000's the Ernst Family bought the shop from Willem and Margie Kleynhans, the original owners.

Products & Take away meals

Products & Take away meals

The Padstal imports many delicacies from various countries, the Padstal is not only a "Fruit & Veg", but it is an experience. We stock a wide variety of fresh fruit and vegetables, homemade products, proud South African brands and imported products.

Call and collect for some of the most delicious meals or milkshakes.

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Garden center

Garden center

Enter the Garden center through the gate right next to the Padstal and be blown away with the beautiful flowers.

The Garden center is stocked with a wide variety of plants and trees, from the most beautiful flowers to rare fruit trees.

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Speciality products
Fruit & vegetables
Imported products
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Local delicacies

Social involvement

Since 2001 Allesbeste padstal have had the privileged of sponsoring Merensky High School's first hockey teams. Over the past 10 years this sponsorship has ranged from equipment to many other forms. We thank Merensky for this privileged to be involved in the development of the sport and in the development of each and every individual to step on the field, in raising their self esteem and confidence.

Merensky 1st boys hockey team

Sponsor hockey teams clothes

Merensky 1st girls hockey team

Merensky 1st hockey teams
Social involvement
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Contact us

Phone: 015 307 3076
Fax: 015 307 7650
Email: padstal@allesbeste.com

Donovan Lewis
Padstal Manager


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